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    Getting Started

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    Welcome to Varsity Hackathon 2022!

    Submission is now closed. Thank you for participating and hacking with us! We hope to see you again in the future. Be sure to stick around until the ending ceremony.

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    Your Team

      Get your team code from your team leader.

      Project Feedback


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      Submission is closed. Please check your dashboard and your email inbox periodically.

      We hope to see you in the upcoming events or at the top 15 teams!

      Give your project an awesome name!
      Select your project's case study.
      Briefly describe your project in a few sentences.
      Make sure the uploaded video presentation is set to unlisted or public.
      Make sure the prototype is set to share with anyone with a link.
      Provide a detailed description of your project such as the problem you are attempting to solve, its solution and references used. You may provide around 100 words or more as you wish.

      User Info

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      MyCSD will be provided if you attend all sessions and submit a valid project.

      Please make sure your personal and contact information are correct and accurate. Contact us via email or Messenger to make any amendments.

      We may share this to sponsors that may provide internship and other opportunities.