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What is V HACK 2024?

Varsity Hackathon (V HACK) 2024 is a student-led international hackathon for local and international undergraduates to compete by formulating the best solutions to solve SDGs challenges.

When will the registration be opened for V HACK 2024?

From 27 February 2024, 3.00PM until 17 March 2024, 11.59PM (GMT+8).

What is the timeline for V HACK 2024?

1. The Preliminary Round starts once participants are successfully registered, which is on 27th of February until 24th of March. 2. However, do note that registration will be closed on 17th March 2024, if you register late, you will only have a week to develop your solution. Hence, it is best to register as early as you can so you can start your project earlier. 3. The Top 15 teams will then be announced on the 2nd of April to qualify for the next stage, Grand Final of V HACK 2024. 4. In the Grand Final of V HACK 2024, the Top 15 teams will continue to develop their solutions and submit their project on the 19th of April. 5. Then, the Top 15 will attend the one-day Grand Final of V HACK 2024 that will be held physically on the 20th of April for pitching.

Is V HACK 2024 free of charge?

Yes, it is completely free!

How many people can be in a team?

Each team should have a minimum of 1 member and a maximum of 4 members.

What should be submitted in the preliminary and Grand Final of V HACK 2024?

In the preliminary round, participants are required to submit a GitHub link for source code (front-end only), a URL of the video presentation explaining the project through the V HACK 2024 website. In the Grand Final of V HACK 2024, participants are required to submit their latest pitching slides and the GitHub URL to the enhanced source codes through the V HACK 2024 website.

Can I change my team member after registration?

Once registration is closed, you are not permitted to change your team members.

Can I join solo?

Yes, definitely! If you prefer to run alone, you can register as an individual team.

I don't have any prior knowledge in coding, can I participate?

Yes, definitely! However, it is best to have at least one teammate with a technical background as the hackathon involves developing the front-end and back-end of your solution.

Is the registration for V HACK 2024 open for Malaysian students only?

No. V HACK 2024 is open worldwide, it is an international hackathon.

Can my team have members from different universities?

Yes, a team may have members from the same university or different universities.

If I am qualified for the Grand Final of V HACK 2024, will accommodation and transportation be provided by the organizing team?

Both accommodation and transportation to and from the Grand Final of V HACK 2024 venue are at your own costs.

What can we expect as participants of V HACK 2024

In summary, five case studies will be released, and you will be required to develop your project based on any case study of your choice. We will also be conducting sessions to guide you on how to analyze the problem, brainstorm and validate realistic solutions, and develop amazing prototypes to let your project be more impactful.

Are Diploma students currently pursuing their studies in universities allowed to participate?

Yes, diploma students currently studying in a university can take part in V HACK 2024.

What are the differences between V HACK 2023 and V HACK 2024?

V HACK 2024 will be a refurbished version of V HACK 2023, with a different competition structure, updated ideas, case studies, and most importantly with a bigger prize pool.